"I have no power what do I do?"

If no fuses have been tripped, first check with your energy provider for any outages. If there’s no listed outage, give the team at Activ8 Electrical Contractors a call for same day service you are always in good hands.

"I have an urgent electrical emergency can you come now?"

We are always available for urgent electrical services 24/7. Give us a call now to find out how we can help.

"Are you fully licensed?"

Electrical work is always very complicated and dangerous, which is why, when it comes to electrical work, you should always consider a fully license electrician. The team at Activ8 Electrical Contractors are fully licensed and insured for all Electrical work.

"Can you tell me how to keep my home safe from electrical hazards?"

Our safety inspections with all jobs can identify any safety risks.After inspecting, we will quote on necessary repairs to keep your home completely safe for you and your family.

Can I try to do the small electrical jobs in my house myself?


It is illegal for anyone but a qualified electrician to do any domestic wiring or house rewiring. Even if the work gets one to standard it will not pass certification which is bad news especially if you ever want to sell the property. It always makes sense to hire a qualified electrician to carry out any household wiring. You also risk your personal safety and the safety of your family and friends so leave it to the professionals.

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Contact us now to get FREE quote!

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